What Editing Software Do Movies Use?

What Editing Software Do Movies Use

A lot of rigorous editing goes into producing an eye-catching, interesting movie or series in Hollywood, regardless of the genre. Action, comedy, or drama producers always invest in the best editing software solutions to stay on top of their game. The process of achieving the movie director’s vision by assembling an assortment of shots from different scenes into a motion picture or television series is demanding. This article reviews the top 10 editing software Hollywood filmmakers use to assemble footage that impacts a film’s narrative.

1. Avid Media Composer

This particular video or movie editing software has been the preferred program for editors and sound engineers on motion pictures, television, and video projects. It has been used in numerous colleges and universities to help students create their own courses in filmmaking. Media Composer has been the go-to choice for broadcasts and productions that specifically need a higher level of collaboration- large amounts of media, files to deliver, and teams to work remotely.

The Enterprise Plan gives professional editors the powerful editing tools they need. It also allows directors of production, designers, and other creative collaborators to use Media Composer features like collaborative project planning, scheduling, and production.


Netflix widely uses the software. It gives editors the creative control and advanced editing tools they need to make their films unique. It provides a new level of user experience and flexibility that allows them to work efficiently. Avid is a top-rated editing tool for professional editors. Many Hollywood movies and TV shows have used it.

It allows editors to fine-tune their television shows and movies and edit ad campaigns and commercials. Some of the films that have used Avid Media Composer include Wonder Woman, Jurassic World, “Superman Returns,” and other well-known movies.

It has powerful tools that allow you to change the way that a video looks, including adding effects and changing the color of a video. Editors can easily send audio to sound engineers without having to learn how to use other software. It has 8 videos and 4 audio tracks that you can edit for free. It is very easy to get started editing videos.

It has two different plans that allow you to edit video and audio files, each priced at $23.99 (the Media Composer plan) and $49.99 (the Media Composer Ultimate).

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most popular software used by Hollywood filmmakers to create cutting-edge videos. This integrated video editing tool suite handles color correction, title creation, and many other features.


Its artificial intelligence, Sensei, detects and balances the lighting on a scene and adjusts it accordingly. In other words, it is a suite of tools that lets you manage all the elements that are required for a good video editor. This is the product to use if you want to create videos that look like they are being edited by a professional. It has an easy-to-use interface and great features. Furthermore, it’s easy for novice video editors to use, just like it is for professional filmmakers.

It’s easy to learn how to use the ADOBE Premier Pro software because it’s packaged with plenty of helpful tutorials and guides to help you along the way.

The software is behind the editing of popular Hollywood movies, such as ‘Dust to Glory,’ ‘Gone Girl,’ and ‘Act of Valor,’ among others.

Free plans include a 30-day trial, and Pro plans start at $20.99 for a paid version of the software.

3. Final Cut Pro

You may be wondering what Final Cut Pro is and what it is like to create videos using this program. Final Cut Pro is an editing application that pros use to create beautiful and impressive videos. This is because the program is built on top of the latest architecture that allows you to create professional videos.


Apple’s Final Cut Pro is designed to handle the graphics processing power of some of the most powerful computers. It even utilizes the latest CPUs and graphics processors available for modern Mac computers. Since Final Cut Pro uses the latest graphics processing technology, you can edit videos quickly and easily.

You can utilize different features to edit video, like adding special effects and filters and actions like clipping and color correcting. If you are interested in modifying videos, you may have come across the term FCP. You may consider it to be another term for Final Cut Pro.

FCP was used to create the visual effects that are used in movies like ‘John Carter,’ ‘Hugo,’ and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,’ among others. It has a streamlined interface that is very easy to use and use – and because of that, users can easily navigate around it without too much difficulty. 

Final Cut Pro fits perfectly into the Apple ecosystem and is optimized for Apple’s latest computers. It comes loaded with advanced features like magnetic timelines, noise reduction, multi-camera editing, and even 360-degree VR support. Metal video editing technology lets you easily edit large videos. If you want to edit 4K videos, there will be no lags since this software is powerful. Final Cut Pro is able to manipulate video files with ease, no matter what the frame rate is or the size of the video.

It offers a one-time payment option that costs $299.99, and you can try the program for free for 90 days to really get to know it.

4. Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is widely used because it helps to give life to movies and other stories through its outstanding features, including rendering and displaying visually stunning scenes. Many Hollywood animations, including Disney films, have used this software. It allows you to create amazing characters and scenes in 3D using the powerful tools of Autodesk Maya. For example, you can create realistic characters and scenes in ‘Transformers,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Infinity War,’ ‘Prince of Persia,’ and many other high-profile movies.


Autodesk Maya offers three subscription plans, one for 246 pounds a month, another for 1,968 pounds per year, and the third option that is more cost-effective at 5,610 pounds for three years.

5. FUSION 17

Fusion 17 is one of the most popular tools used by Hollywood filmmakers for producing 3D effects. It can be used to create amazing effects such as what you’ve probably seen in “The Martian,” “Rogue One, “and “Star Wars. ” Fusion allows you to create sophisticated effects for 3D animation, virtual reality, and other interactive features.


The software has been used to create some of Hollywood’s most successful shows and movies. It has a powerful, node-based interface that allows you to create sophisticated effects by connecting several different image-processing tools. There are amazing 3D and VR capabilities, as well as GPU acceleration and powerful network rendering. The software can help you create stimulating effects and create exciting and dramatic titles and graphics for your films.

When using this software, you can create highly detailed and precisely timed animations. You can also create your unique animation template. Tweak the animation curve to make it look nicer. You can also easily create loops or mirror animations to add bounce to your effects.

The animation will adjust if you drop effects or a title on a 3D movie. You can make anything look amazing with this powerful platform with various tools and effects to make any movie or series production unique. Popular Hollywood movies that have used this software in their productions include “The Martian,” “Ant-Man, “and “Thor, “and more. It costs $295.

6. The Foundry Nuke

This is it if you want to use an industry-standard tool to create amazing 3D content. The software has been used extensively in Hollywood movies and TV shows. It provides cutting-edge features that allow editors to create beautiful visual effects and video effects. It also allows editors to create node-based custom graphics, animations, and video compositing. 


Editing with this particular video editor allows editors to collaborate to achieve high-quality results. Nuke is a powerful post-production tool that makes perfect movies every time. It has 200 nodes, an image processing engine, and a node graph, which ensures all the post-production challenges are handled in the correct manner for all resolutions and scales. 

Nuke lets you work with layers that are different from each other, and it supports working with images with several different levels of transparency. Nuke’s features let you create powerful workflows that work quickly and easily, enabling you to reuse tools easily. This is especially true of Nuke’s tools, such as Presets, Tools, and Gizmos. 

You can run multiple Nuke processes concurrently and collaborate on your projects via LiveGroups. Nuke allows you to easily create and automate various operations, and you can even write your own custom scripts, such as BlinkScript and the C++ SDK. This tool was used in Hollywood movies such as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy and ‘Blade Runner 2049’. Nuke offers a free version of the software and four paid versions: Nuke Render, which goes for $622, Nuke Plan at $5,518, NukeX at $10,268, and Nuke Studio, which goes for $11,868.

7. Adobe After Effects

Heard about the ‘Avengers Endgame,’ of the popular movies from Marvel Studios? You heard that right: ‘Avengers: Endgame’ used Adobe After Effects to create amazing visual effects for their movies.’ Other major studios use it to create stunning effects for their movies.


It’s also well known for its powerful digital compositing power. It lets you integrate stunning visual effects into your movies or TV shows, such as openings for science fiction movies or enchantment spells used in Harry Potter. The software allows you to create any motion effect that you want, such as 3D, animated objects, or any other type of motion graphics. It is also very powerful, has many awesome tools, like puppets and animated backgrounds, and has a powerful camera to create perfectly smooth shots.

It is designed for filmmakers who work with video and other animations. It is also available as a subscription service for paid video editors. The program has a number of plans that you can purchase, including a basic plan for you and your family, as well as a different one for teachers and students, business groups, and even universities.

8. Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro was very similar to what it was before it was sold to Magix, but it still has great features. Since then, it has undergone numerous upgrades and additions to become one of the best video editing software in the industry. It supports a clear timeline that makes viewing each of your shots as if they are a picture easy.


This editor comes with many different features to help you create a video that you can use in various ways. Because of the features that it offers, you can edit your videos using a variety of different plugins. It allows you to add special effects to your videos and works with various file formats and project files.

It has powerful editing features that allow you to make amazing videos. If you are new to video editing, you can learn a lot from using Vegas Pro. You can make videos in different formats and make them professional. It also supports adjusting the brightness of movies, adding color effects, adjusting the brightness of video clips, and adding audio tracks.

Since Vegas Pro works with several different project files, you can easily create great videos with this software. Moreover, it is easy to customize its user interface to create a workspace that allows you to do what you want to do. It was used in films like “The Craving Heart,” “Paranormal Activity, “and “Bred in the Bone, “and TV shows like “Survivor man “from the Discovery Channel.

It offers a premium plan for $11.99/mo for 365 days and a Vegas Post plan for $17.99/mo for the same period.

9. ZBrush

ZBrush is designed for artists who want to create drawings and models from their imagination. It allows artists to reuse and customize elements in Photoshop and Illustrator easily. It lets you create realistic objects with tools that let you sculpt, shape, and paint on-the-fly using brushes that are already built into the software.


It has tools that allow game developers, editors, and other artists to create 3D models and animated scenes. It has intuitive tools and powerful features that modern artists can use. It is easy to use and has many advanced features that allow you to create millions of polygons in animations, games, and movies. Its timeline and motion control feature allows you to create interactive elements that move like moving demo reels.

You can create animated characters, add effects to animated models, and even add music to your animations. You can also use imported audio to create a perfect music effect and test how well your animations sound when you drag and drop objects into space. ZBrush is used in all of the popular video games and animated movies such as ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ ‘The Chronicles of Narnia,’ and the ‘Pacific Rim.

ZBrush offers three subscriptions to help users start making art quickly: a monthly subscription for $39.95, a yearly subscription for $359, and a perpetual license for $895.

10. DaVinci Resolve 17

The video editor is among the best software solutions designed for color correction, production, and non-linear video editing. It offers a rich feature set to help people create high-quality videos. You can tweak the audio as you work on the visuals, just like you do with your favorite music software. It lets you create content that looks good in HDR and curate video that looks good on a screen.


DaVinci works with many other tools that help you create amazing videos and films. It allows you to adjust many settings, such as video stabilization, audio quality, and the ability to insert animated clips into your video to make it look more professional. DaVinci Resolve has many different tools to help you create interactive projects with a group of people.

You can collaborate with others in many ways, such as through its universal timeline for team meetings. Its feature allows you to clean up your audio with 100 different audio enhancements. It’s one of the best video editing software available. You can create commercials, TV shows, or even feature films with the help of this software. It can work with up to 16 cameras and do both front-end and side-by-side editing.

Using the Neural Engine, you can instantly timeshift or move images in real time, and it can do more than that. DaVinci Resolve has tools for scrubbing audio and correcting pitch to help you more easily understand what people are saying. It’s popular among professionals who have worked on movies such as ‘The Golden Circle,’ ‘Prometheus,’ and more. It has a free and paid version that costs $295.

Wrap Up

Video editing is a post-production process that a movie producer executes using different types of video editing solutions. The techniques that these filmmakers use when editing movies include parallel editing, cutaways, crosscutting, match cuts, and continuity editing to recreconceptualize the story of the film and give it life. The top 10 editing software we’ve reviewed above are considered the best in the industry by experienced and new filmmakers in Hollywood. To choose the best solution, you must envision the desired outcome.

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